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Hing company adhere to "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, integrity, efficiency, customer first" philosophy, designed to attract and cultivate "for people", arrange for them to "on", "the environment", and, as their expectations will play to their potential. This is the three key foundation for the talent management strategy and human resources initiatives of senxing company to achieve the ultimate goal:


Companies care and encourage employees through different interpersonal and social activities to increase their sense of belonging. We offer our employees a great opportunity to grow, learn, contribute and succeed. To grow with us.


Hiring "right talent"


Companies carefully select and solicit the right talent for their success through practical action and continuous improvement. In order to attract innovative young talents, the company is constantly putting a lot of resources into nurturing the next generation of engineers to introduce new ideas and insights to support the company's pursuit of innovative work.


Engineer training courses, we design a comprehensive offer intensive training for university students, through to participate in the project and work, let they can faster, better adapt to sen xing company work environment and manner.


In terms of recruitment, and actively participate in campus recruitment activities and career fairs, and make full use of various assessment and screening tools, including occupational personality questionnaire, learning agility, etc., help to looking for commensurate levels and qualifications for the position, the person not only has the technology and ability, can cooperate with the company culture at the same time.


"The right position"


Building a talent pool with high potential will help the company identify future leaders in order to bring stronger business growth. The talent level process is a formal system for identifying, defining and evaluating employees' performance, and forming the backbone of the sustainable leadership echelon.


In order to meet the needs of individual business and functional units, the company introduces customized guidance plans each year to develop outstanding employees and prepare them for taking over the business. The program will be a 12-month program for junior employees with experienced mentors who work together to succeed in the work project.


Johnson electric through "care for the next generation working committee" focus on youth continue to accept engineering education, paving the way for them to be sen xing company for the future of the employees, to present the company to give back to society's long-term commitments.


Provide the "right environment"


The company is committed to maintaining an open and honest communication platform, which is inseparable from efficient participation in culture and plays a key role in promoting business growth. The company launches annual survey of the annual survey to assess the employee's input to develop an action plan to improve the working environment.


Company also held other projects and activities, in order to create a positive workplace culture, including (1) create enterprise social media platforms, gather global employees in the same online world communicate with each other. (ii) establishment of a performance recognition system to reward employees with outstanding performance; (3) to organize various recreational and corporate social responsibility activities led by local staff organizations (iv) to design a new theme each year and organize annual conference activities.


The company will continue to adhere to the core values and support the company's ambitious development strategy through attracting and retaining top talent.

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